Agents of Change in a Global World


The Faculty of Health’s course, Agents of Change in a Global World, is a foundational course in the undergraduate Global Health program. Global Health is a new interdisciplinary program that combines health policy & management, Kinesiology & Health Science, Nursing, Psychology and curriculum from other York Faculties.  With a focus on health promotion, viewed from an ecological and social determinants perspective, the program encourages students to become agents of change.  The Agents of Change in a Global World course helps students build a global perspective and apply their knowledge to addressing complex issues of human health.

Reflecting on the question “Can one person make a difference?” students begin to construct a scholarly portrait of themselves as agents of change for health.  Students examine the concepts of health and global health through multiple philosophical and disciplinary lenses and engage in experiential learning.  Past courses have helped groups of students make connections to other ‘agents of change’ resulting in interesting projects related to homelessness and other social issues.

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