Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of more than 400 higher education institutions working to defend scholars, students, and universities under threat and to advance a vision of quality, socially-engaged higher education. Housed at New York University, SAR provides information about violations of academic freedom, resources, and training events. It also works to link scholars in need of safety to universities with capacity to provide temporary positions and support.

York University has been a member institution of this network since 2010 and has been consistently active in the network by providing visiting positions for threatened scholars identified through SAR. At the request of the Provost, we have undertaken to make SAR activities more visible in our community and to provide a structure to encourage action and participation.

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In addition to regular newsletters SAR also periodically circulates requests for letters in support of academic colleagues who have been detained or face other kinds of grave threats. Visit the SAR website if you would like to subscribe to receiving these communications.

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Celebrate Scholars at Risk Parliament Hill
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